West Coast Sarcoma Conference

  1. Discuss emerging techniques in the diagnosis and management of sarcoma.
  2. Review current standards of care across patient groups and geographic regions.
  3. Examine the current controversies in the diagnosis and management of sarcoma.
  4. Identify innovative molecular pathology techniques in use for sarcoma diagnosis.
  5. Describe the current evidence with regards to adjuvant systemic therapy in the management of soft tissue sarcoma
  6. Describe the multidisciplinary management of retroperitoneal sarcomas and identify the different treatments used to achieve disease control.
  7. Describe recent advances in the management of bone sarcomas.
  8. Identify areas of developing research in the treatment of sarcoma
  9. Describe the role of regional therapy in metastatic disease.
  10. Identify best practices for the diagnosis and management of Rhabdomyosarcoma.
  11. Identify a consistent approach to GIST.
  12. Recognize the areas where collaboration could be improved in the palliation of young adults and adolescents (AYA).
  13. Identify new scientific advances in sarcoma and describe emerging technologies.

Dr. Shantanu Banerji
Dr. Caroline Holloway
Dr. Lee Cranmer
Dr. Christine Simmons