Breast Cancer Highlights from 2023

Wednesday December 13th 2023, 7:00-8:00 pm EST

Event Type: Virtual – Complimentary Webinar

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This Oncology Education online program is designed for breast cancer clinicians / allied healthcare professionals who have an interest in innovation, including; translational research, new agents, molecular and functional diagnostics, biomarkers and cutting-edge research applications in the breast cancer clinical care setting.

The 2023 “Breast Cancer Highlights” will focus on recent developments in novel diagnostics, biomarkers and treatments in breast cancer. Topics and research to be discussed will include the role of antibody drug conjugates in HER2 non overexpressing breast cancers, as well as new strategies for HER2 positive, luminal and triple negative breast cancers.

The over-arching focus of this Oncology Education session, will be to provide oncology professionals, with the most recent research and clinical updates as discussed at the 2 major congresses in 2023 (ESMO, ASCO and SABCS).

We hope you will be able to attend.

Learning Objectives

  1. Articulate appropriate applications and interpretations of significant 2023 research data in breast cancer
  2. Understand how clinicians can integrate evidence-based treatment choices into practice
  3. Review significant data presented this year from key oncology conferences to improve patient management and outcomes

Meet the Best Cancer Highlights from 2023 Webinar Speakers

Jan-Willem Henning, MBChB, FRCPC

Dr. Jan-Willem Henning

Dr. Jan-Willem Henning works as a Medical Oncologist at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre, a facility of clinical and academic excellence consisting of almost 26 Medical Oncologists as well as many other Oncology disciplines. Dr. Henning received his medical degree (MBChB) in 1999 from the University of
Orange-Free State, South Africa. After completing an internship and community service in Family Medicine in 2002, he moved to rural Manitoba and worked as a General Practitioner in the community as well as General Practitioner Oncology (GPO) with Cancer Care Manitoba. In May 2005 he relocated to Calgary, and worked in urban family practice as well as doing clinical sessions at Tom Baker Cancer Centre 2005-2007. He found oncology practice so interesting and fulfilling that he elected to re-train to be able to re-license as a Medical Oncologist. After Internal Medicine training at the University of Calgary between July 2007 and December 2009, he completed 2 years of Medical Oncology residency ending December 2011 after which he obtained his FRCPC in Internal Medicine with Certificate of Special Competence in Medical Oncology.
He then joined the University of Calgary and Tom Baker Cancer Centre in January 2012 as a staff Medical Oncologist and Clinical Assistant Professor. His areas of clinical interests include breast cancer and sarcoma malignancies. Dr. Henning’s research interests include conducting health services and patient outcomes research. In addition, Dr. Henning is a lead and co-investigator of Cooperative Group Trials, as well as Pharmaceutical Sponsored Clinical Trials and his researched has been published in peer and nonpeer medical journals. His academic interests involve the education of Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology residents at the University of Calgary, Post-Graduate Medical Educational Program. He is the immediate past Program Director for the Medical Oncology Residency Program at Tom Baker Cancer
Centre (2016-2020) and currently fulfills the Vice-Chair position of the Royal College Medical Oncology Subspecialty Committee.
Dr. Henning’s additional administrative duties include the Medical Lead for the Southern Alberta Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) program and co-chair for the Systemic Treatment council for the Tom Baker Cancer Centre. In his spare time he enjoys spending time in the mountains running, cycling and
skiing with his lovely wife and 4 beautiful children.

Dr. Paolo Tarantino

Dr. Paolo Tarantino

Paolo Tarantino is a leading researcher in the field of breast cancer and drug development. He’s currently pursuing an advanced research fellowship at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and at Harvard Medical School (Boston, MA) and a PhD in clinical research at the University of Milan. His research focuses on the study of the HER2 oncoprotein, the biology of HER2-low breast tumors and the development of novel antibody-drug conjugates.

This program has been made possible through unrestricted support from AstraZeneca

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