Medical Students

Canadian Oncology Goals and Objectives for Medical Students

A resource for clinical educators and medical students, as well as Canadian medical schools in the design of an oncology curriculum for their students.

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The Learn Oncology website contains comprehensive information and modules encompassing the discipline of oncology.  The material is intended to teach medical students the skills necessary to manage common oncology cases.

Cancer mApp

Developed by oncologists at Sunnybrook, Cancer mApp is the first iOS application that allows oncology professionals to have direct access to relevant clinical trial data on their iPad and iPhone, clearly presented in concise sets of summary slides.

The app currently has summaries from hundreds of phase III clinical trials about castrate-resistant prostate cancer, metastatic colorectal cancer, metastatic melanoma and early stage breast cancer and pancreatic cancer. Upcoming sections will include advanced non-small-cell lung cancer and renal cell carcinoma.

Summaries focus on the trial design, main efficacy results and main toxicity results. The database is fully searchable and allows users to send copies of the slides to colleagues or trainees. A great point of care tool for both clinicians and educators, Cancer mApp provides access to important evidence where and when it is needed!

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