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Cancerlink Ontario Inc. (Cancerlink), through (OE), provides educational resources for oncology health care professionals.    The resources available to visitors are made possible in part by our engagement with the business community and other trusted partners (Partners).  In determining whether to accept funds, goods or services from Partners, we consider a number of factors, including the following:

We uphold the rules and professional standards applicable to us, which may change from time to time.  We refuse to participate in unethical or illegal business practices.  If appropriate, we may conduct a diligence review of a potential partner’s background, reputation and business competencies.  We aim to foster a climate conducive to networking between oncology professionals and to support the development of high quality oncology education and information resources.


Neither Cancerlink nor any individual acting on our behalf will accept any benefit, gift, advantage or emolument of any kind from any Partner or potential Partner where it is reasonable to believe the offering has the potential to influence decision making regarding our programs or business operations.  Similarly, Cancerlink will not accept or approve such offerings made to other individuals or organizations on our behalf.

Contracts and Endorsements

We do not accept a fee or equivalent consideration for displaying corporate identities on our materials and do not host or receive funding from advertising sources. Furthermore, we will not accept assistance from organizations that encourage or are engaged in promoting non-healthy behavior or illegal activity.  From time to time we may enter formal contracts to support a particular OE initiative or our requirements for funding, goods or services.  However, we will not agree to terms which require us to support or endorse a particular individual or corporate entity, brand, product, or service associated with a commercial organization.  Generally, we will not accept an engagement where the agreement results in a tacit or explicit endorsement of the Partner or a brand, product or service promoted by the Partner.

Educational Events

If Cancerlink is to host, support or endorse an educational program or event, whether online or in-person, no employee of a Partner that has provided assistance to the particular program or event may act as a speaker or moderator.  A Partner may not provide remuneration to a speaker or moderator other than in the form of an honorarium and participation expenses reflective of usual rates of compensation.

Use of the OE name and logo is at the sole discretion of Cancerlink and permission may never be assumed.  Cancerlink maintains a policy of indicating its consent to use the OE name and logo solely by way of written consent.

The decision to engage or work with any particular Partner is made on a case-by-case basis by our OE Faculty, in consultation with its National Advisory Board.